Collect & share reviews from your most vocal fans

Get 4x more online reviews by triggering requests when your members earn or redeem points, and then automatically share the reviews to your online profiles.
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"Great platform that helped us gain way more Google reviews than ever before. Highly recommend it :)"

Kelowna Oxygen review

"We love that we can customize some features. It is a good value for the return we get in good reviews. We also feel it is an ethical way to get reviews, as it does not screen out reviews, it just asks our clients for a review...this saves us from having to do it ourselves."

Julie F.
Cozy Cat Resort

Turn your loyal customers into vocal fans

DataCandy takes on the challenge of getting online reviews with automated campaigns and strategic website and social sharing.
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Grow sales with 4x more reviews

Simplify the task of collecting reviews with automated email and text campaigns, smart reminders, and social sharing. ​​

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Appear at the top of search engines

Outperform local competitors by adding social proof widgets to your website to easily convert existing traffic into new customers.

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Spend less time running social media

Automatically share top reviews on social media in engaging posts, and track the most impactful customer reviews for your business.

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Get direct customer feedback

Experience real-time validation with every review, and gain valuable growth insights with our customer sentiment analysis.

How to become a top-rated business in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Automatically request online reviews from your members via email & SMS

Connect your Review Sites

Connect all of the platforms where your business collects reviews, like Google, Facebook etc.

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Launch your Review Campaign

Enroll your loyalty members in a review collection campaign that has 1 SMS text message and a 3 email sequence.

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Get 4x more Reviews

The DataCandy Reviews feature has been proven to generate up to 4x more online reviews compared to businesses who don't use it.

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Step 2

Turn customer reviews into stories that are instantly shared on your website

Share powerful Stories

Maximize the power of your reviews by integrating photo-enhanced customer stories directly onto your website.

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Embed your Engage Widget

Enhance your website's credibility by displaying a live feed of customer activity with our Engage Widget.

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Display your Trust Badge

Highlight your ratings and reviews from multiple platforms, letting potential customers instantly gauge your trustworthiness.

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Step 3

Use your steady stream of feedback to improve and optimize your business

Automate your Social Media

Keep your social media active by automatically sharing your best customer experiences directly to your profiles.

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Uncover areas for Growth

Use your flow of customer feedback to identify your strengths and areas you can improve.

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Motivate staff with Leaderboards

Track your team members' positive customer experiences and review counts.

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Ready to get the online reputation you deserve?

It's time to shine online by collecting and sharing reviews from your most vocal fans.

Businesses like yours love DataCandy's loyalty triggered reviews

spa105 review (1)

"Great service! Very quick, customized and personable service! I highly recommend the services they offer."

Patience P.
Spa 105 on Main
redbox plus review

"They have been a great addition to our company to add quality reviews from our customers and increase our online ratings on Google."

Michelle H.
marta g review

“Using it to ask for customer reviews almost always gets results. I have tried asking for reviews by other means and received significantly less of them. I believe they make it easy for the customers to write the reviews.”

Marta G.

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Become a top-rated business by using the power of your loyalty members to generate online reviews.