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"One of the most important things about processing returns is keeping that money in-store. Issuing store credits on gift cards is huge for us because we can easily keep track of them — plus the cards bring customers back to spend more."

Ed C.
Mission Thrift Store Cranbrook
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"There was hesitation to push gift cards and grow that part of our business because our previous provider was so clunky and burdensome for the franchisees. But with DataCandy, there are countless opportunities to evolve and push forward. I’m no longer fielding frustrated phone calls from franchisees."

Nick N.
Edo Japan

Use DataCandy’s gift card software and watch your business thrive.

Use the power of gifting to expand your clientele with your own custom-branded gift cards.

Attract new customers

41% of people who receive a gift card visit a new business as a result.


Encourage repeat visits

55% of gift card recipients need more than one visit to spend the card's entire value.


See better profits

30% of gift card balances remain unused, contributing to your bottom line as “breakage”.


Boost revenue

59% of gift card recipients spend more than their gift card's original value.

Everything you need to run the best gift card program

Flexible and personalized gifting solutions that simplify the giving experience.

Boost traffic, increase sales, and resolve customer service issues

Gift Cards

Offer reloadable gift cards that match your company branding. Refill them easily with DataCandy’s ordering system. Use your own POS or terminal to add and check balances and redeem them in-store.

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Promo Cards

Use promo cards to pre-load gift cards with balances that expire on any date you choose. Ideal for promotions, and for solving customer service issues.

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E-gift Cards

Customers can buy e-gift cards online and email them to their loved ones. Even if you don’t sell anything directly on your website, you can sell e-gift cards that are redeemable in-store on your payment terminals.

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Offer time-saving tools for modern gift card customers

Check your Card Balance

A simple online portal for customers to check their gift card balances anytime from anywhere.

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e-Gift Portal

Your customers can instantly buy and send electronic gift cards.

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Digital Wallets

Gift card recipients can carry them in their digital wallet to conveniently redeem with their smartphones.

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Integrate your in-store and online experiences

POS Integrations

DataCandy is compatible with a wide range of POS systems, so you can process activations and redemptions seamlessly on your current hardware. This simplifies your transactions and daily reconciliation reporting, creating a centralized solution for your needs.

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Online Ordering

Remove limitations on where customers can spend their balances by integrating with some of the most popular online ordering services.

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Payment Terminals

Add DataCandy to your payment terminal. No need to spend more on implementing or migrating to another POS software.

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Launch your gift card program in 4 easy steps

Why DataCandy is the top gift card system for small business

St Vincent De Paul Society - Sacramento

"The gift cards are easy to make and use for the business. We are able to change the card image at any time."

Viktoriya K.


"DataCandy helps grow our business by making gift-giving easy. It's an alternative to a cash refund, it helps alleviate a poor customer experience, it increases brand awareness, offers unique promotional incentives."

Stelios K.
Bartle & Gibson
Langevin Forest, Montreal (1)

"DataCandy is a good software for a store who needs gift card services. Creating personalized gift card is an easy task and the customer support is very good!"

Martin-Karl M.

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Frequently Asked Questions, answered

Absolutely! Through the DataCandy online store, you can take your creativity to the next level by uploading your logo and photo and choosing your brand’s colors. Or if you’d prefer you can use an elegant template. Once you’ve confirmed your order, you’ll receive your cards within 10 business days.
No, the gift card software can be downloaded right onto your payment terminal.

Your customers will be able to check their gift card balance in two ways:

1. In-person, in which case one of your employees will swipe their card on your terminal and select the “card balance” option from the menu.

2. Online, by entering their card number on your self-serve customer portal.

You can launch your gift card program with the following steps:

- Choose an appropriate gift card system
- Buy wholesale gift cards to resell to customers
- Follow government guidelines and regulations
- Provide training to your employees
- Promote gift cards to customers

See how easy it is to run your gift card program!

A gift card program helps businesses sell their goods and services through redeemable gift cards. It's the infrastructure that enables businesses to sell gift cards to customers and to facilitate the process of customers redeeming gift cards in exchange for merchandise.
Gift card programs have several benefits, for small to enterprise businesses. Implementing a gift card program helps:

- Boost your business’s revenue
- Increase your sales
- Enhance your brand’s appeal
- Attract new customers
- Allow you to build relationships with your customers
A gift card platform or software is a digital tool that helps you, as a business owner, issue, oversee, and redeem gift cards for your customers.

This software is a centralized point for all gift card-related activities, providing diverse functionalities to optimize the entire process. 

High-quality gift card software will also provide ready-made reporting and insights about gift card sales by viewing cards in circulation, transaction amounts, and card activity.
Businesses profit from the gift cards they sell in three key ways:

- They make money when people buy their gift cards throughout the year.
- They also profit when those purchased gift cards expire or go unused.
- Lastly, businesses make money on gift cards when customers spend more than the amount on the card.
When customers buy digital or e-gift cards, they simply include the email of the person they want to send it to (e.g., a friend or family member). The recipient will receive the card in their email inbox, then activate it, and add it to their digital wallet if they’d like to.