America's Thrift Store Increased Loyalty Member Revenue by 18X

Discover how America's Thrift Stores achieved an 18x increase in loyalty member revenue with DataCandy.

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America's Thrift Stores, a distinguished retail chain with 29 locations spanning the United States, embarked on a transformative journey in 2018. They aimed to enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and support community initiatives by creating their own loyalty program with DataCandy, setting a new standard in retail loyalty engagement.

Amid evolving consumer expectations for rewards and personalized shopping experiences, this initiative has set a benchmark for retail loyalty engagement.


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Client background

Operating across 29 locations, America's Thrift Stores supports community welfare by selling donated goods. Thanks to the generous donations from the local community to collect used clothing and household items, which are then resold.

By partnering with various local charities and ministries in each state, America's Thrift Stores are not just retail operations. They are mission-driven organizations that utilize each donation and purchase to fund various community support programs. The loyalty program, a key part of their operations, has significantly contributed to this mission, helping to improve lives affected by substance abuse and assist children with illnesses.


Key performance indicators

Member sales grew from $1.3 million to $23.5 million in five years.
Active loyalty member shoppers each month, which equates to 34,000 members consistently contributing to our turnover.
Increase in membership, growing from zero to 118,000 members over five years.

What America's Thrift Stores was looking for in a rewards program

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Personalization: Tailoring experiences and rewards to individual customer preferences.

Digital integration: Leveraging technology for seamless online and in-store experiences.

Community engagement: Connecting with customers through shared values and social impact.


DataCandy's solution

DataCandy offers loyalty management tools for businesses to create personalized loyalty programs, driving customer engagement and repeat transactions. With these tools, America's Thrift Stores created a rewards program that focuses on:

Point-based rewards
Offering tangible value for customer spending
Exclusive perks
Enhancing the shopping experience with bonus points days and special event invitations.
Mission-driven rewards
Aligning rewards with the organization's mission by focusing on donated goods.


Results and competitive analysis

Since its inception, America's Thrift Stores' loyalty program has achieved remarkable growth:

Membership Growth: A surge from 0 to 118,000 members in five years.

Monthly Active Shoppers: Increase to 34,000 from zero.

Revenue Growth: Member sales increased from $1.3M to $23.5M, an 18-fold increase over five years or a 1707.69% increase.


Outperformance analysis

The loyalty program's success is not just a result of its personalized rewards but also its alignment with market trends favoring social responsibility and community impact. This alignment, coupled with the program's effectiveness, has led to a rapid increase in revenue and membership.

The value of U.S. secondhand merchandise market grew 11% in 2023.

Now compare that to America's Thrift Stores' 1707.69% revenue increase due to membership sales over the past 5 years.

Based on the results and competitive analysis data, it can be concluded that implementing DataCandy loyalty programs has led to an increase in revenue growth.


Loyalty and gift card programs for thrift stores

America's Thrift Stores' loyalty program achieved its objectives of increasing customer retention and sales and set a new standard for integrating retail goals with innovative loyalty strategies.

This case study demonstrates the potential of targeted loyalty programs to transform customer engagement and drive significant growth while enhancing community impact.

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