Built by Me Podcast: Conversations Narrating Entrepreneurial Journeys

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Are you ready to dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and learn from the journeys of successful business owners and entrepreneurs? Welcome to Built by Me, a podcast dedicated to building a community and connecting with our service-based and entrepreneurial audience. We're here to bring you real talks with business mavericks who have established companies from scratch. Join us as they share their successes, lessons learned, and tips.

Built by Me is about uncovering the grit, the glory, and the grind behind building something from nothing. Get ready for nail-biting stories of launching businesses in foreign lands, diversifying without a safety net, and diving headfirst into uncharted territories. These are not just stories but invaluable lessons wrapped in raw, relatable experiences.

Episode 1: A Tale of Innovation and Flavor with Ali Hamam, CMO of Tahini's

In our first episode, we sat down with Ali, a passionate entrepreneur with a unique journey into the world of Middle Eastern cuisine. Ali vividly depicts Tahini's humble beginnings, stemming from a deep-rooted passion for authentic flavours. What started as a small, family-run restaurant quickly blossomed into a renowned chain known for its warm hospitality.

But hold your pita! This isn't your typical immigrant-turned-restaurateur story. Discover how Ali went from Shawarma to Satoshi, spicing up Tahini's business recipe with an innovative flair for Bitcoins. Don't miss out—tune in to the first episode for the full scoop!

Join us for an exciting journey packed with insights and inspiration on our debut episode. Remember: New episodes drop every other Tuesday morning.

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Akshat Biyani
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