Copper Branch Increases Customer Spending by Rewarding Return Visits

DataCandy has provided Copper Branch with the tools to prove its loyalty members are spending more than regular customers. Read the case study to find out how.

Showing gratitude towards customers via a loyalty program is no longer limited to giant restaurant chains. Due to scalable technology, more quick-service and fast-casual brands with less than 100 locations are adopting loyalty programs. A customer engagement program will help them achieve a stronger value position and demonstrate customer appreciation.

Copper Branch, a quick-service vegan restaurant operating eight locations, partnered with DataCandy to launch its debut customer engagement program.

"Loyalty programs are one of the best sales promo techniques for any business, especially one dependent on loyal customers. Copper Branch customers are especially loyal, and we want to reward and learn from them" — Andrew Infantino, Marketing Director at Copper Branch


Copper Branch’s Loyalty & Gift Card Success

Since launching the loyalty program in January 2016, Copper Branch has noticed that on average, loyalty members spend $2 more per transaction than regular customers.

A two-dollar profit increase is significant and makes all the difference in our industry. More importantly, this is proof that our loyalty members are spending more than our typical customers.

Copper Branch now has complete control of its customer data, thanks to DataCandy's intuitive and easy-to-use online dashboard and reports. These tools showcase detailed customer insights to help build the restaurant’s loyalty program member database, while offering invaluable insights, such as which store is performing best, which customers are visiting, if they’re signing up to the loyalty program and how much they’re spending.

We currently have around 6,000 registered loyalty members with completed profiles, which continually grows at around 2% per month! Impressively, around 40% of Copper Branch customers use the loyalty card daily.


Promos Works
"85% of our emails are being generated through the program. We have insight into which promos worked best and are most attractive to our customers."
Dollar Generating
"The best part is the loyalty we see from our customers, who sometimes come in three to five times a week! This program is definitely dollar generating."
DataCandy Customer
Andrew I testimonial-Large
Andrew Infantino
Marketing Director


Copper Branch's sales have increased over 2016. Even though this could be for a variety of reasons, Infantino thinks that it is partly thanks to the Paystone loyalty and gift card program, which keeps people coming back.

When looking at our gift card program's metrics and comparing early 2016 to early 2017, Copper Branch has seen a 40% to 60% increase in gift card sales," explains Infantino.

Before and After Implementing the Program

Before implementing the Paystone program, many Copper Branch customers were asking for a loyalty program. When the program was finally rolled out last year, the customer response was overwhelmingly positive. Infantino feels that the relationship with customers has gotten better, as they can now finally be rewarded for their brand loyalty.

Since the program's launch, Copper Branch admits to having successfully recovered customers. Now, when the restaurant is faced with customer complaints, they can be easily resolved thanks to the loyalty and gift card program. Infantino believes that the loyalty program has been extremely important for the brand's marketing efforts.

"We now send out bi-monthly newsletters, since 85% of our emails are being generated through the program. We have insight into which promos worked best and are most attractive to our customers, which gives us a competitive edge."

monthly growth in registered loyalty members with completed profiles
of Copper Branch customers use their loyalty card daily
increase in gift card sales


What's Coming up for Copper Branch?

The vegan restaurant chain plans to carry out more loyalty promotions in the future, while evaluating trends through Paystone's dashboard and reports. Copper Branch expects to finish the year with 15 to 17 locations and is excited at the thought of rapid expansion.


Zakry Chami
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